Barley Grass Juice Powder

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  • A source of magnesium, vitamin b2 & iron
  • An excellent source of vitamin a
  • High vibrancy instant greens

Organic Traditions Barley Grass Juice Powder is made from the young, nutrient-dense grass of barley in its vegetative state. Our organic barley grass is grown outdoors in mineral rich ancient soil beds in natural sunlight. Once harvested and juiced, we utilize a proprietary low temperature drying technology that never exceeds 41°C/106°F. Mix up to 1 tablespoon (1-3 teaspoons) of Organic Traditions barley grass juice powder into 8-16 oz. of water, coconut water, juices and smoothies. Make pesto, raw vegetable soups, salad dressings, dips and more.

  • Contains an abundance of chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. A great source of vitamin A, magnesium and iron.
  • Canadian
  • Organic
  • GMO Free
  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Kosher

Ingredients: Organic Barley Grass Juice Powder Allergens: Packaged in a facility with the following allergens present: tree nuts, sesame.

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