Hair Volume

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  • • Helps support healthy hair • Helps support normal hair growth • Just 1 tablet per day

Helps support hair health

  • Hair Volume is suitable for continuous supplementation to steadily provide your hair with a micro nutrient complex that helps support and maintain strong and healthy hair. **** Hair Volume est adapt? pour une suppl?mentation continue qui fournit r?gulièrement à vos cheveux un complexe de micro nutriments aidant à soutenir et maintenir une chevelure saine.
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Malus domestica L. - Apple extract (Fruit) [5:1]..300mg / Panicum miliaceum L. - Millet extract (Seed) [5:1]..250mg / L-Methionine (L-Methionine)..50mg / Pantothenic acid - Vitamin B5 (Calcium-d-pantothenate)..30mg Silicon (Horsetail (Equisetum arvense L.) aerial parts)..14mg / Zinc (Zinc oxide) 10mg / Copper (Copper (II) sulfate)..1mg Biotin (Biotin)..0.48mg **** Extrait de pomme (Malus domestica L.) (Fruit) [5:1]..300mg / Extrait de millet (Panicum miliaceum L.) (Graine) [5:1]..250 mg / Me´thionine (L-Me´thionine)..50mg / Vitamine B5 (Acide pantothe´nique)..30mg / Silicium de la pre`le des champs (Equisetum arvense L.) (Parties ae´riennes)..14mg / Zinc (Oxyde de zinc)..10mg / Cuivre (Sulfate de cuivre (II))..1mg / Biotine (Biotine)..0.48mg

Recommended Use

For hair health and growth. **** Nourrir et favoriser une chevelure saine.

Recommended Dosage

1 tablet a day. **** Prendre 1 comprime´ par jour.

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